• UNC Arts Magazine 2016

    Featured alumni from the School of Art & Design in UNC Arts Magazine.
  • Panelist at the Annual Western History Association Conference 2016

    Selected for a two person panel presenting on the making of The Bryan Museum.
  • DSVC Dallas Show: Best Exhibit Design Finalist 2013

    Awarded best exhibit design for Oncor: The Energy Experience at the annual Dallas Society of Visual Communication award show.
  • Angie Southard Award 2011

    Angie Southard award for excellence in visual communication design.
  • ADCD Student Portfolio Finalist 2011

    Exiting senior portfolio selected for Art Directors Club of Denver: Student Show
  • Best in Drawing 2010

    Best in drawing award at annual student exhibition.
  • Dean's Purchase Award 2010

    Andrew and Deborah Svedlow purchase award at annual student exhibition.
  • Great Idea Award 2009

    Grand prize winner for promoting sustainability through creativity. The competition was centered around the phrase "trash to treasure", whereby participants had to represent sustainability using trash and other found objects. The result was a repurposed lamp, dismantled and put back to gather with a gumball machine quarter mechanism working to switch the light fixture on and off. When the light would switch off, the quarter would appear in a coin return at the foot of the lamp to be reused again and again.
  • Best in Drawing 2009

    Best in drawing award at annual student exhibition.